It matters to know that at the core of every small or big construction we are involved with, lies something larger than mere materials -which undoubtedly are significant as well. And that is what we represent. As a company, as professionals, and as individuals. From planning to implementation and use, consistency and focus are our compasses. This matters to us, since once you’ll become familiar with our values, you will be able to decide whether you will be part of our path, and know how high or far can we get.


At the construction site

It comes first, and by far.

To be more precise, safety can get you far once the mind starts to mentally construct perspectives, solutions, and works.

Our safety standards have the most solid foundation: the most strict European standards. This is the only way any construction will become and be as it should. By following all the necessary procedures which ensure our uninterrupted work, we can proceed regardless of the conditions.

Factors such as the weather, the nature of the materials, the type of soil, or the equipment used, are essential elements regarding the quality of our work. For some, all of the above can be used as excuses for delays or poorly executed works. For us, they are chances to prove our level of preparation. This way, we can sure that every work proceeds as planned, and each and every one of our people returns safely to his house after the end of his shift.

During the works’ use

The completion of a construction may signify the end of a process, but it marks the beginning of a new one. The proper and safe use of every work -whether is a parking lot, a road or a footbridge- is equally important for us. And every mile driven or step taken at them is a vote of confidence for our thorough planning, precise predictions, and solid construction. Our sense or responsibility for every driver or pedestrian, the society in general and the environment is what leads us to work towards a safer world in terms of living or moving. It is our special way to make every day a better one.

Local Economy

You might have seen our logo next to large, impressive works.

Yes, we can implement with success and diligence large-scale constructions.

But we aren’t forgetting where we came from.

We aren’t forgetting that quality is not a matter of size.

This is why we include in our portfolio minor-scale services, like building renovations for example.

Because we can incorporate practices that ensure a level of quality, combined with an affordable cost, regardless of the work’s size.

But mostly because it is our joy and privilege to give back with your know-how to a community which has been supportive since day one. It is the minimum we can do for such a generous offer.

Because our logo can be seen today next to to large, impressive works, thanks to your support all this time


Every TES work is implemented in accordance with all National and European laws, while its internal regulation ensures a safe, ethical and meritocratic working environment. It is the Management’s concern to maintain such an environment, by applying the a.m. regulation and encouraging the staff to comply.

We commit ourselves to maintain integrity and transparency when it comes to communicating and cooperating with our clients, associates, suppliers, and every other individual or company which proceeds with any sort of transaction with our company.

Efficiency and Sustainability

It is our main policy to implement and complete every work with efficiency and a sense of responsibility, by delivering solid, autonomous and functional products that meet all mandatories and requirements.

We consider every parameter, and we incorporate it in a wider, substantial and realistic planning. By knowing, we can predict. By predicting, we can ensure the best results.



A modern construction company that stands out for its long-term route, remaining faithful to its vision and responding successfully to modern challenges.

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